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Light Buoy

Light Buoy

light buoy

UHMWPE Light Buoy Structure:

light buoy structure

UHMWPE Light Buoys Types:

UHMWPE Plastic Light Buoys Outstanding Benefits:



1 The UHMWPE folat is self colored, high night&day visibility.There is no need of painting in ten years, Saving maintenance costs and time;

2 The UHMWPE material is self lubricant, will not adhere water growth easily, will no need to clean every year;


1 UMWPE float have good flexibility and great hardness.The good resilience could protect the ship from damaging, and help the buoy to absorb the impact strength, and the hardness could help the buoy from damaging;

2. The steel strucutre is supported inside the buoy to keep higher strength for the buoys.

3. The high density polyurethane foam filled inside the buoy to keep good sealing.

Corrosion Resistant:

With good checmical stability, the UHMWPE buoys will not decompose in the sea water for decades. It will be corrosion resistant to the sea waters and sea grwoth;

Good stability:

The UHMWPE buoys are designed accroding to steel buoy standard, with heavier weight than roto-moulding PE buoys, thus it can have more water displacement, the swaying angle will be much small.


Warranty for UHMWPE light  buoys

The UHMWPE navigation buoys' life expect to reach 20 years, the UHMWPE float material is self colored, Clariant pignents and

UV-stabalisation material is added, it will not be aging in decades.

The warranty for the buoys will be six years, and we promise to repair or change due to the quality problems.

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