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Lateral marks Buoy

Lateral Marks Buoy

lateral buoy

Lateral marks define a channel and indicate the port and starboard sides of the navigation route to be followed into a waterway such as a harbour,river, or estuary from seaward. The vessel should keep port marke to its left and keep starboard marks to its right.

If lateral marks are unable to be represented by a can or cone shaped buoy they should carry the appropriate topmark.

At the point where a channel divides, a modified lateral mark is used to indicate a preferred channel (often a deep channel suitable for heavy commercial vessels) on one side and a secondary channel on the other. A preferred channel is indicated by red and green horizontal bands on the laterla marker. If a vessel wants to use the preferred channel they observe the top colour of the mark while a vessel wishing to use the secondary channel observes the bottom colour. See preferred channel to starboard/Port in follwoing table:

                     REGION A                                           REGION B

Color:                   Green                                            Red

Buoy Shape:   Conical, pillar or spar                            Cylindrical (can), pillar or spar

Topmark         Single green cone, point upwards          Single red cylinder (can)

Light color:      green                                                   red

Light rhythm:          any aprt from composite group flashing (2+1)

Lateral Marks

UHMWPE Navigation buoys Benefits:

1. UHMWPE buoys are ideal for both sheltered and open-sea waters, since they are available in diameters from 1.0 up to 3.0 meters;

2.They are lightweight, thus they can be easily placed, providing the correct markings. They are highly resistant to harsh environments, thus providing a long service duty life;

3.The UHMWPE floats are made up by UHMWPE plate hull, internal steel structure supported and high density polyurethane foam filled to prevent from water absorption;

4. High visibility of Red/green/yellow color as per IALA recommendation.

5. Robust construction, single piece float;resilient float of great resistance to impacts;

6. The UHMWPE float is self colored, no need painting, and UV stabilization additives are added into the material itself;

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