Collision Test by Coast Guard Ship Successfully held in China
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CCS(China Classification Society) inspected the quality of the UHMWPE buoy by the collision test at the Qilita Sea in Ningbo, China.

UHMWPE buoy 

The test was organized by CCS, and Ningbo navigation buoy Bureau arranged its coast guard ship No. 1648( 500 tons) to fulfill the tests by two times. During the first test, the ship speed is 9 knots, hit from the side of the ship’s bow. There is slight deformation about 20*15 square centimeters at the buoy surface, but it becomes to be its original shape after half an hour.  During the second test, the ship speed is 4.8 knots, hit from the front of the ship’s bow, the UHMWPE buoy was pressed into water by the ship’s bow and floated on the water from the ship’s stern. There is a little abrasion on the super structure and tail pipes due to the propeller collision. The navigation buoy float, super structure, lantern and top mark are in good condition. There is about 10*15 square centimeters area at the ship’s bow paint off, but no damages with the ship.

uhmwpe navigational buoy

This collision test proved that the UHMWPE buoy has benefit of collision resistance and meanwhile it can protect the ship from damaging.

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