1.5m UHMWPE buoy with lantern cover Collision test Debiut in the East China Sea
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The collision test to the UHMWPE light buoy with lantern cover was carried through at Liuhengshui, Zhoushan, the East sea area of China. The 1.5m diameter UHMWPE light buoys carried with HH-130 marine lantern and lantern cover. The “Coast Guard 16405” vessel implemented 5 times collisions to the buoy at the speed of 8.6 knots, 10.5 knots, 11.6 knots and 12 knots. The vessel hit through several positions of buoys, including the middle part of the buoy, the lantern and its cover. The light buoy with its lantern cover both survived in the collisions, the cover kept intact, the lantern still keep flashing, and the UHMWPE buoy had slight scrapes. Subsequently, the testing people used the crane on the ship lifted the 3 tons of concrete sinker to hit the buoy and the lantern cover, only slight scrapes occurred to the cover, the lantern still could work well. The whole tests were finished successfully.

It is said that in order to solve the problem of light buoys damaging due to the frequent collision at this sea area, the Donghai Navigation Safety Administration(DNSA) MOT researched the collision resistant 1.5m UHMWPE light buoy with marine lantern and cover, together with Shandong Buoy&Pipe Industry Co.,Ltd. It will be easy to do emergency maintenance by the personnel with five tons cranes at the site.

It is estimated that RMB10,000 could be saved annually for each buoy maintenance, if using the UHMWPE buoys to replace the conventional steel buoys step by step. If the collisions to the light buoys occurred frequently, first-aid repairing costs to the sea of RMB20,000 could be saved very time due to the collision to the buoy and lantern, which could largely save the costs for buoy replacement and maintenance, and reduce the operating costs of the relevant navigation organizations. The wide application of the collision resistant UHMWPE light buoys can enormously increase the navigation efficiency, and largely reduce the emergency frequencies to the navigation aids administrations. It is significant to the improving of the navigation environments for the vessels, and securing the unimpeded of the fairways, which will definitely make enormous and long term social and economic benefits to the navigation industry and shipping developments in our country. 

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